Web Exploitaion, Penetration Tester

About me

Hi, I am hah4 (Anh-Hung Hoang), a web pentester from BKISC. Currently, I am studying Computer Science at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

Started as a Back-End developer, I have developed many applications. Because of many requirements in security, I have learned about threats and vulnerabilities. I suddenly realized that I have a passion for hacking, and my road to become a cyber security specialist began since.


  • First Prize, National Physics Olympiad, 2022
  • Third Prize, National Physics Olympiad, 2021
  • First Prize, Provincial Physics Olympiad for Grade 12, 2022
  • First Prize, Provincial Physics Olympiad for Grade 12, 2021
  • First Prize, Provincial Solving Math on Calculator Olympiad in Physics, 2022
  • Gold Medal, April 30th Traditional Olympiad in Physics, 2021
  • Web Exploitation
  • Cyber Security
  • Networking
  • BackEnd Development
  • Cracking
  • B.S. in Computer Science, 2022~

    Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology