Khang Vo (doublevkay)

Khang Vo (doublevkay)

Cyber Security Engineer

Bach Khoa Information Security Club


Hi, I’m Khang Vo, also known as doublevkay, and I am a passionate cyber security researcher and a graduate of HCMUT with a degree in Computer Science.

During my time as a student, I was an active player in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions, specifically focusing on web-related challenges. This experience ignited my passion for cybersecurity and led me to specialize in this field.

At present, my main focus is on penetration testing, devsecops, and static application security testing, especially using CodeQL to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in software applications. Additionally, I continuously update my knowledge of blockchain-based applications’ security.

Recently, I have been glad to be a mentor for talented students at the BKISC club who share the same passion for cyber security. I hope to inspire and support the next generation of Bach Khoa security professionals.

I enjoy contributing to the cyber security community by sharing my findings and insights. You can find my open-source projects on GitHub, and you can reach out to me on Twitter.

  • Cyber Security
  • Static Application Security Testing
  • Blockchain-based applications’ security
  • B.E. in Computer Science, 2018-2022

    Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology