Long Vo Minh (Edisc)

Long Vo Minh (Edisc)

Cyber Security Engineer



Hi, I’m Long Vo Minh, also known as edisc, and I am a passionate cybersecurity researcher and a graduate of HCMUT with a degree in Computer Science.

During my time as a student, I was an active player in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions, specifically focusing on binary-related challenges (RE-PWN).

Currently, I work at ZaloPay as an Associate Security Engineer responsible for penetration testing of infrastructure systems, including on-premises servers and cloud computing services such as AWS and Kubernetes.

In addition, I have knowledge of web pen-testing and am currently studying basic security vulnerabilities such as IDOR, XSS, SQLI, and SSRF.

Recently, I have been glad to be a mentor for talented students at the BKISC club who share the same passion for cybersecurity. I hope to inspire and support the next generation of Bach Khoa security professionals.

  • Linux Kernel Security
  • Cloud security
  • Web security (newbie)
  • B.E. in Computer Engineering, 2018-2022

    Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology