idekCTF 2022 - Osint/Osint Crime Confusion 3: W as in Who

Image credit: idekCTF

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Given image: Get it here!

Description: I feel the killer might be dangerous so I have some info to give you but I don’t want to disclose my email just like that. So find my review from the image below and send me an email asking for info. Be creative with the signature so I know its you. It is time to find Who is the killer.

Category: OSINT

Finding the location

From the given image, I managed to have found the location on Google Maps at 41.154248, -8.682320.


Then in the comment section of the location, I got the mentioned secret email, labeled


Getting further informations

I then sent an email to the email above, and got the next instructions.


Finding the deleted tweet

In the first challenge of the Osint Crime Confusion set (W is for Where), I found the instagram of a person named Heather James.


Then from this person’s informations, I found the twitter account of University of Dutch ThE of Topics in Science.


I then immediately knew we have to bring the account to the Wayback Machine to gain access to the deleted tweet. The email did mention about the tweet’s id (1612383535549059076), so we can paste this URL into the Wayback Machine:

We successfully gained access to the deleted tweet!


Exploring the killer’s GitHub

From the email, we also know that we should continue searching in GitHub. Frankly enough, when I tried to search for “potatoes eating camels” in GitHub, this showed up:


The descriptions imply that the person is “still improving wiki”. We then head into the wiki of this repository to find out the end of our journey.

Wiki Flag

Concatenate the first letters of the last 7 sentences of the poem, we have our flag for the challenge: idek{JULIANA_APOSIDM723489}.


A good OSINT challenge overall, consist of several general skills in the field of OSINT, such as using Wayback Machine or finding locations on Google Maps.


Skill issue is one of my inner traits.